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Vulnerability, the 🧲 magnet to connections!

What’s wrong with his eyes? I said looking up at the midwife. She said, ‘its Ok, nothing is wrong, it’s OK'. I knew straight away that there was something wrong. Lifting Matthew out from the water in the birthing pool, looking into his face and noticing something unusual about his eyes. One eyelid opened, but the other didn’t. I can remember it now as if sitting in the bathwater with shear surprise, fear and …yes panic - panic for what had gone wrong! Prodding around in his eye sockets resulted in resistance in one side but no resistance in the other. NO something was definitely wrong and within hours we were taken to Great Ormond street Hospital where we were told that our first born son wa

New Normal?

What will that look like? Having seen and experienced so many opportunities during this lockdown period, I am beginning to believe that this new way of connecting with each other is a blessing! I have often wondered what it would look like if everyone had the chance to be part of a community in spite of their differences and abilities. When my son was younger, as new parents, it was difficult being overlooked for children's parties or community engagements. Matthew has autism, severe learning disabilities and is blind. This was all very new to us as a young couple learning to teach and nurture him as well as having to deal with the many stares and words of pity from those around us. Matthew

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