Memo's from Sophia Nicholls, Executive Secretary of ASNA.

ASNA20 Days of Prayer: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of ASNA's 20 Days of Prayer. If you'd like to join in, you're not too late - sign up as an email subscriber and you'll receive the rest of the 20 days over the next few days! Also we wanted to remind you about our prayer tree! Head to for full instructions on how you can add your prayer leaves to the tree - and if you'd like us to add a prayer leaf for you please leave a comment below with what you'd like us to prayer about, we love praying with you all!

Todays 20DoP is from Karen Weeks (ASNA Trustee, Carer)

See video - Prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you Karen for your prayer and continued support over these years.

Remember you're not too late to sign up as an email subscriber to receive the prayers or to send a prayer to ASNA. We will publish your prayer during one of our 20 Days of Prayer sessions.

This is the first of three 20DoP launched in celebration of ASNA20&counting campaign. The theme for this first block of 20DoP is Families.

This first block of prayers leads up to the first online ASNA Annual Family Respite Weekend. The weekend begins on Friday 23rd April 2021 6pm and ends 1pm Sunday 25th April when we will read the 20th prayer.

Remember to join Sophia Nicholls live on ASNA Facebook page on Friday 9th April at 12 midday for Ask a Scary Question - a 20 min Q&A 'All things disability'. If you have a scary question you would like Sophia to answer, please send them in to

Send your prayers in to

Look out for our 20DoP prayer tomorrow and stay blessed.