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Staying connected!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Keeping Carers Connected

Do you wonder how your local community can better create places of belonging for people living with different abilities?

Contact ASNA today to receive further details about our work and training programme. We offer breaks to people living with disabilities and training and awareness training modules to raise awareness, address barriers and review attitudes.

It can be difficult to reach loved ones especially people with disabilities in supported living.

Disabilities, isolation and staying connected

Having a son with #PMLD, who is living in #supportedliving and having a love for music is difficult for us as a family. We have not seen him for over 4 weeks . We miss him but we also know that he is well loved and cared for.

Our son Matthew, the inspiration behind ASNA, brings joy and lights up the room with his smile. Bringing Matthew up as a child was a challenge but the challenges disappear into the distance when you spend time with him and you get to know him.

As parents we have a sense of guilt and loss with Matthew moving out of the family home. Guilt because we feel we should be able to look after him especially during this lockdown period but having spoken to the carers and other professionals, we made the decision for Matthew to remain with his newly found family as he may not have been able to return until after the lock down and in the absence of a date, we decided to let him stay.

We made the decision for Matthew to move into supported living because we know there will come a time when we would no longer be able to care for him and we wanted to ensure his future was settled when we have the capacity to make the right decisions.

The silver lining in this lock down period is the use of the online meeting platforms. Through zoom we have been able to connect with Matthew again and he with us. No more isolation!

There are many people experiencing isolation in this lockdown period. What can you do to support people living with disabilities and special needs in isolation?

This year we missed our annual family weekend. As a result we set up the online Carers zoom meetings through the CCNetwork. These networks aim to provide a space for Carers to share their concerns and important opportunity during this lock down period. Why not join ASNA for the meeting and stay connected!

Check out our events section to book a place and for further information.

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