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ASNA is offering corporate membership to local church groups, regional conferences, national unions and international divisions and unions of faith based organisations. Our aim is to be a sustainable resource for your organisation in the area of disability, church community and belonging. Please find details regarding the membership below.


Networking Opportunities: Access to a network of like-minded organisations and leaders in the faith-based community, fostering collaboration and mutual support.


Training and Workshops: Priority registration and discounted rates for training programs, workshops, and conferences organised by ASNA Charity.


Collaboration Opportunities: Priority consideration for partnership opportunities, joint initiatives, and community outreach projects in collaboration with ASNA Charity.


Resource Sharing: Gain access to a wealth of resources, materials, and best practices tailored to church and faith-based organisations.


Visibility and Promotion: Recognition as a corporate member on the ASNA Charity website and promotional materials, highlighting your church or organisation’s commitment to making the gospel accessible.


Consultation and Advice: Access to expert advice and consultation services on various topics relevant to disability in the faith-based setting.

Further support

Fundraising Support: Assistance in developing fundraising strategies and access to potential funding opportunities and grants for your organisation's projects and initiatives in respect to supporting the ministry for people with disabilities in your church and community.

Quarterly Newsletter: Regular updates on ASNA Charity's activities, success stories, and news, delivered directly to your inbox.

Recognition and Awards: Eligibility for ASNA Charity's annual awards, recognising outstanding achievements and contributions in the faith-based sector.


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