Here at ASNA, we are always looking for willing volunteers to help further the work we do. Whether this be as a Carer, Administrator or Trustee, there is a role for everyone looking to make an impact! 

Thanks to funds from ADRA UK, ASNA has been able to provide training for the volunteer carers who support ASNA activities. The support provided by these volunteers is crucial to the work of the charity. 

ASNA provides respite care for many parents, carers and other family members looking after relatives and friends with disabilities, long term illness and mental illness.

Caring for adults or children with special needs and disabilities can be very stressful and challenging. People from all walks of life and backgrounds are carers - over 3 in 5 people in the UK will become carers at some time in their lives. Caring can be a rewarding experience, yet many face isolation, poverty and ill-health.


ASNA Volunteer carers provide much needed respite for Carers. Respite allows the opportunity for Cares to recharge their 'batteries' preventing the risk of ill - health.


Volunteering for ASNA involves enabling a child or adult with a disability or special needs to access the services provided by ASNA. Services for carers includes - short breaks, family fun days, music therapy , music workshops, activity weekends.


During these short break / respite events, Carers have the opportunity to interact and socialise with other carers and support workers thereby reducing the risk of isolation.


ASNA Carer weekends are also supported by volunteers. Workshops on self -help programmes, employment and caring issues provide Carers with social, physical and mental/ emotional support boosting self esteem and providing advice and information for those seeking work opportunities.





    We always need Volunteer Carers. Volunteer carers are essential for our respite short breaks to take place. Volunteer carers give Carers a break from caring and enable disabled children or adults to access ASNA services and activities. These might include challenging activities such as enabling disabled children to develop social and communication skills through music, arts and crafts. You will not be expected to administer medication or support personal care unless trained to provide this care.



    No charity can exist without the valuable backbone of volunteers that keep the administration of the work up-to-date, funded and organised. We need people with interests, experience and skills in the following areas;​

    • Accounting/Finance

    • Business Development

    • Campaigning

    • Evaluation

    • Event Management

    • Fundraising

    • Governance

    • Human Resources

    • Research

    • Service Development

    • Strategy/Planning

    • Training

    • Volunteer Management

    • Fundraising (Community and Grant)


    Trustees play a vital role in our organisation, but what might you expect to do as a Trustee? 

    • Input into the strategic direction of the organisation

    • Be jointly accountable for the charity

    • Make a significant impact on the success and effectiveness of the charity

    • Bring specific skills to the Board that complement fellow Trustees

    • Attend Board and other meetings

    • Network and share contacts

    • Be an Ambassador for the charity

    • Make a huge difference to a small charity!


If you would like further information about ASNA or would like to become a member, please contact Sophia Nicholls at:

Email: info@asna.info

Phone: 01491 821104 / 01491 821103 / 07768 298297

Registered Charity: 1100447

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