Memo's from Sophia Nicholls, Executive Secretary of ASNA.


3 ways to Engage: SAY, GIVE, PRAY..!

ASNA will be 20 years this year! Celebrate with us!

How can you get involved?


Firstly, thanks to all of you who have completed our impact survey so far. The survey closes in 2 days so please help us by completing the survey here

We really want to hear from you. Tell us about our impact over the last 20 years.


Partner with ASNA, help raise awareness, raise much needed funds towards its project. You can make a quick donation here to support the Connecting Carers project. Carers are at risk of burnout more so now with the pandemic. Our respite residential breaks provide 'a haven of rest and Oasis of calm' for Carers. Donate here.


ASNA continues to Connect people, Changing their lives! We need your support. We need to hear your prayers! So. Let's pray together

This year praying collectively has been different. At ASNA we believe prayer is powerful. We love supporting you with prayer, and we're so grateful when you pray for us. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary we wanted a way for us to pray 'together' in unity. And so we've created a prayer tree!

We're starting the year with a blank tree in our office and over the year we're going to add leaves to the tree to represent your prayers. We can't wait to see the tree come to life! ​ This is open to ALL to join in! No matter your age or ability please send in your prayers, we'd love for you to be part of our prayer tree!How to join in? Follow this link and send in your prayers today!

Our vision is a world without barriers to belonging.

Our plea to you today is SAY, GIVE & PRAY!

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