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This time its virtual!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

ASNA has been serving families for 20 year!

The ASNA vision is a world without barriers to belonging. ASNA recognises the importance of belonging for health and well-being especially for those with special needs.

Over the last 20 years ASNA has provided safe spaces for families living with disabilities to spent time together. These spaces have been in wonderful locations throughout the UK. The aim of the family breaks is to provide peer support and training.

In this ASNA's 20th year, the annual family weekend will still go ahead...only this time its virtual! These breaks and respite events are so important for families. Looking back over the years, it has been helpful to reflect on the feedback received from events. Here is what our contacts and members say about ASNA and the services they provide.

What is important about ASNA?

The opportunity to bring awareness and education is so important. ASNA's work is critical in a myriad of ways - to provide education, emotional support and a general support network to carers and families alike.

(Family member)

ASNA family respite and training breaks over the years have been a lifeline and haven for me and my family ..

(Parent Carer)

23-25 April 2021 will be the 20th ASNA family respite and training weekend.

Why do we host these events?

This is what families have said after attending the weekend respite breaks:

I feel less isolated.

Really enjoy attending events making new friends

They have supported our family mentally physically and spiritually

ASNA is the 'friend' that understands and cares. With any friendship it is even better when the support and input is 2way

Being a member of ASNA and attending ASNA weekends my husband and l have been able to relax and enjoy the company of other people in our circumstances. Auntie Carol who is a wonderful Carer and support also helps Dale engage in the weekend sing-songs. At one time Dale was reluctant to join in meal times and activities. He has now grown up and enjoys ASNA events, especially the Gospel train Zoom singing.

(Dale, Joan and Randel Barrett)

ASNA Volunteers join us from all walks of life...

I got involved in ASNA when I saw the fantastic work they were doing. I wanted to raise awareness in the Churches

(Ellen Samuel)

I met a young lady on one of the family weekends who was happy and outgoing. She was confident in the knowledge that she was loved and accepted for who she is and not judged by her disability. I remember thinking, wow! If only we could have meeting like these in my home country that educate persons about being loved.

(ASNA volunteer)

What can ASNA do to continue being change makers?

What do ASNA attendees say about the future for ASNA?

More of the great weekends and education they provide to others.

For ASNA to keep up the sterling work. However, if resources permit, the opportunity to work with schools to help educate SENCOs with support strategies to assist the children in their care with special needs.

Why not book to attend the virtual Respite and Training weekend 2021.

Hope to see you there this weekend.

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