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Whats your story?

With around a hundred billion neurons and almost a quadrillion connections between the neurons, your brain is an extraordinarily complex organism – so complex, in fact, it borders on the wondrous.

Yet it is still a pattern-seeking instrument that looks to put the chaos of the world into some kind of recognisable order. Stories represent our most powerful and meaningful way of doing just that.

From bedsides to firesides, we regularly use stories to relay our experiences and connect with those of the people around us. We use them to explain events, examine our values and explore notions of meaning and purpose.In this sense, stories offer a perfect common ground for reflection.

What makes this common ground all the more precious is that it gives us a glimpse into the lives of others and the everyday situations and struggles they face.'

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This summary of 'Why story telling is so powerful' explains why we feel a sense of connection when we share our story with others.

Since starting ASNA ( ) 20 years ago, my husband Nigel and I, have found sharing our experience or 'story' cathartic both for us and for those who hear the story. This sharing encounter provides a safe space for others to feel comfortable to share their story. The encounter is freeing, providing a release from hidden worries and feelings of shame, guilt or blame.

In this video, Nigel shares his story . His vulnerability is refreshing.

Why not tell someone your story as we approach the beginning of 'National Story telling week'. We know our story has had an impact on many lives. Help someone come to appreciate that they are not alone in their struggles. A problem shared....

We would love to hear your story.

Why not join us on Friday 29th January from 6-7pm for our first for 2021, online Connecting Carers Network meeting - Hear2Here. We are so pleased to have received funding from the Department for Culture, Media and sport (DCMS) to support this program.

Register to attend by clicking this link . Join us this Friday and meet like minded families and most of all share your story.

We have a gift for the first 10 people who register and attend after reading this blog and making connections with ASNA.

Looking forward to seeing you there & Happy Story Telling week!

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