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Where is Matthew!? I ran down the stairs into the kitchen in a panic only to discover a pile of flour, banana skins, the fridge door open and other detritus scattered around, but no sign of my son. For the first time in my life, I realised that giving Matthew some independence at night was not the best decision. I had only just managed to get off to sleep but my Matthew antennae was always ready to wake me up when I heard the slightest noise, never letting me truly relax. Every night had become ‘play time’ for Matthew. Being blind had left him with little melatonin development. This is a key hormone for telling your brain that it is time to sleep. In the absence of this hormone, Matthew did

Missed Miracles

He keeps tripping! One minute we’re walking alone, the next he’s on the ground. What’s wrong with his legs?.... I seemed to spend my life asking this question what’s wrong with...? At age 11 while taking a gentle stroll around our village one minute we were walking along and singing. The next he’s on the ground. At first we thought Matthew was being difficult - not wanting to walk anymore or just maybe putting his foot down in this unusual way. Eventually he would rise from the ground and continue walking. We took no notice of this until it started to happen more frequently. Matthew loved nothing more than to walk outside listening to the birds and feeling the wind and sun against his face.

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